Forest Elmer Link

Forest Elmer Link, 1916On September 3, 1891, Forest was born the first in his generation of the Link children. One of six born to C.U. and Clara Malinda, Forest was a Mennonite until the family moved to Nappanee in about 1904 when he was about 13. In Nappanee, he attended the Methodist Church, the church of his mother Clara's family (Berkey) before she was married to Charles. He also adopted the family political persuasion, that of Republicanism.

Not long after moving to Nappanee, his father's longing for the West as described by Horace Greeley placed another move in his future, this time to South Dakota.

"Go West, young man, and grow up with the country."  - Horace Greeley

The family's stay in South Dakota was brief, and at 17, Forest moved with them to Obar, New Mexico. That experience is covered in New MexicoReplica of Link Electric shop clock, a business run by Forest and wife, Bea, in the 1950's.  Homestead.

Pratt Tribune articleForest Elmer Link with his clarinet, the instrument his father enjoyed most after his own voice, in band uniform.Forest's, or his father's, clarinet mouthpiece.